7 Island

operates as an iGB industry software and solutions company.
constantly keeps on providing innovative solutions for the further development of the gaming industry.
is redefining the way the game is played.

Why 7 Island?

Because we are brave and curious. We act on our ideas faster than others and challenge.
Because we genuinely love what we do. We are enthusiastic, service minded and always take the time to listen and offer support.
Because people depend on us: to generate better idea, higher level of quality or added value they really need. We have set a high standard and are committed to quality.


The Time Has Come to Re-imagine the iGaming Software Industry. From corporate values to best place to work.
Working in accordance with principles of accountability, trust, operational competitiveness, service to clients, innovation, and social wellbeing to achieve excellence.


People, technology, and business working together to accelerate progress.


To be a trusted partner for organizations, creating their firm of the future and the best place to work for employees and recruits.


We are business technologists delivering on our commitments with a passion of Software innovation.

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